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Pre-Order Trapped in the Netflix (HD)

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Trapped in the Netflix is a comedy special pulsing with Netflix Original parodies, impressions, and existential panic. During a rainy Chicago night, a freak electrical storm sucks our protagonist inside the Netflix. Once trapped, he attempts his escape: but everyone’s beloved SVOD platform injects him into a diverse cross-section of scenes from the likes of Stranger Things, Black Mirror, and those painfully precious Mumblecore movies that you can only watch for like 12 minutes. This brisk production from Mishu Hilmy deconstructs some of our favorite films, genres, and TV shows for a fast, frivolous and fun 50 minutes of entertainment.


Past praise for Mishu Hilmy:

"Fantastic…funny, sharp." - Drew Wancket, Chicago Stage Standard

"Swift, Engaged, Ridiculous.” - Justin Hayford, Chicago Reader

"Something I happily cannot unsee." - Jena Cutie, Chicago Reader

"Likable but uneven." - Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

Directed by Matt Fox
Written and Performed by Mishu Hilmy
Lighting and Sound Design by Caitlin Boylan
Music by HOME
"Electrocution" by PIERCE

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